Social Media Marketing

Get Noticed by the Search Engines with Social Media!

Every business owner knows that when customers are looking for something, even if it’s right in their own neighborhood, the chances are very good that they’ll turn to an online search engine to find it. However, the only way they’re actually going to find your business while searching is if you rank high in the page rankings, or the listing of websites the search engine returns after a search. And having a presence on one or two social media sites is a great way to do it.

There are a lot of things that are unknown about the specific algorithms, or formulas, the search engine use to determine page rankings of any website. One of the things that is known however, is that they love social media websites, and the individual pages and profiles on those websites. These are often the first to appear within the search engine listings and so, when you have a social media profile, those will likely appear at the top of the listings.

When they do, customers will see those listings when they’re online searching for your business, product, or service. They’ll likely click on the link because they’re already searching for you, and then they’ll learn even more about your business. Once they do, they’ll likely visit your business because again, you’re exactly what they were looking for! That will bring in more profits, all because you took the few minutes required to set up a social media profile.

Social media has many benefits for the local business. One that is often overlooked is that it increases their page rankings on the search engines, a place where prospects are already looking for a business that can meet their needs.